Best Heel Grips for Shoes Too Big (2021)

Women of all ages are always on the hunt for cute shoes. But, what happens when you find a pair that fits your feet perfectly but is just too big? This is where heel grips come in! These little pieces of rubber can be slipped onto any shoe to give it a snugger fit and more stability. They’re not bulky or noticeable at all – they just work their magic! 

Plus, The best part is that they come in various colors and patterns to match any outfit or shoe style, which means you won’t have to worry about getting creative with fashion! So what are you waiting for? Get yourself some heel grips today. Here, I’ve completed half of your work. I’ve reviewed four great, comfy shoe grips that can be found on Amazon

Best Heel Grips for Shoes Too Big

Lets get to the single Comparison.

#1 Foot Petals Women’s Back Liner

They are designed to fit into the backs of shoes for extra comfort and support. The cushioned slip-on inserts help prevent blisters, rubbing, and soreness. They can be worn with or without socks, depending on your preference. Each package includes one pair of insoles (one for each shoe).

These will catch your interest the most (Pros)

  • They are reusable
  • Provides cushioning at the back of your heel to prevent rubbing and blisters
  • Helps with sizing by filling in extra space in shoes that are too big
  • Wear with or without socks; Foot Petals cushions are designed for comfort.

These may be an issue for you (Cons)

  • It does not work perfectly with shoes that have a narrow heel

#2 Hotop 6 Pairs Heel Cushion Pads Heel Shoe Grips Liner Self

The Hotop 6 Pairs Heel Cushion Pads Heel Shoe Grips Liner Self-Adhesive Shoe Insoles is a perfect self-made gift for the young girl. It helps her appear more confident and graceful when she walks in heels at important events such as weddings, birthday parties, proms, and so forth. The hollow tube design on the insoles makes sure feet. Due to its sponge material, it will help avoid foot pain and blisters you might get after long walks. They’re easy to use: just peel off the back and stick them into the heel of any shoe of any size.

These will catch your interest the most (Pros)

  • These have great adhesive and are very soft! 
  • It adds enough padding. 
  • They stick in the shoes well.
  • Flats don’t slip off.
  • Doesn’t move when walking

These may be an issue for you (Cons)

  • After a few months of wearing, the adhesive came loose. It would be great if it had a long-lasting solution.

#3 Heel Cushion Inserts, Heel Grips Shoe Pads for Womens (10 Pcs)

The Heel Cushion Pads will ensure your feet are comfortable all day long with their strong sticky backing and durable adhesive. Also, you don’t need to worry about them slipping out of your shoes because their design is meant for loose shoe styles – not tight! In addition, these pads come in pairs that men or women can wear, so try mixing and matching different colors to find the right tone for you. Lastly, these items are very reusable, which means they’re worth every penny, knowing that you won’t have to purchase another pair any time soon; wash them again if the adhesive loses its tackiness and use them as many times as possible.

These will catch your interest the most (Pros)

  • Great when your new pumps are half a size too big.
  • very sturdy and comfortable
  • These work great for those shoes that run blisters on your heels. 
  • Have enough padding to make the shoes fit perfectly.

These may be an issue for you (Cons)

  • The adhesive could be better; it does not stick to the surface well.

#4 Shoe Insoles,Heel Insoles,Sponge Shoes Pads with Heel Grips Inserts (3 Pairs)

They are made of high quality, very soft, and durable, comfortable grade sponge and fabric. The insoles are designed to cover the whole of your foot, comfortable and effectively absorb the pain of standing, walking, running, and jogging, and to relieve forefoot pain, arch pains, heel rubbing, calluses. They are special for high heels. They are made of high-quality sponge and fabric, and they are good for Loose Shoes, Metatarsal or Arch Pain, Feet Sore Relief, Heel Pain, Heel Spurs.

These will catch your interest the most (Pros)

  • The material is extremely soft and comfy.
  • Have enough cushion.
  • These shoe insoles with arch supports were simple to put on.
  • Help to make slightly sloppy shoes fit better.
  • They’re not sticky either, so you can remove them without leaving a sticky residue.

These may be an issue for you (Cons)

  • They’re cushioned, but they’re overly thick, so it makes your flats or high heels feel tight from the top.

#5 6 Pairs Heel Cushion snugs Inserts Shoe Pads for Loose Shoes Too Big

Heel pads are an invaluable shoe comfort solution for people with foot pain, plantar fasciitis, or for anyone who wants to improve the fit of their shoes. These easy way inserts remove pressure points and can also prevent blisters on feet too. With a form-fitting design that hugs the heel section of your shoe perfectly, these six pairs of heel cushions are the choice treatment for all-day comfortable walking. They’re made from high elasticity materials that allow you to move around in them easily, which is perfect if you want footwear that will fill any gap between your feet and heels without bunching unnaturally.

These will catch your interest the most (Pros)

  • Beautiful butterfly-shaped
  • The “butterfly” part’s lower design allows these pads to be positioned at the bottom and still provide plenty of support.
  • You will be able to slightly re-position them.
  • They were simple to take off and put back on ( no yucky glue).
  • It keeps the heel from slipping.

These may be an issue for you (Cons)

  • The pads will not work miracles if the shoes are really too large, but for those shoes that are really just loose, they work well.
  • When you try to take off your one shoe, these may come off in your case.

#6 Heel Grips Liner Cushions Inserts for Loose Shoes

It is designed for your heels protection. The material of these shoe pads is suede materials, so they are breathable and comfortable enough. Simply peel off the back cover and stick them on the shoes back in order to protect your lovely heels from slipping inside or out. These pad inserts are applicable for many types of shoes such as high heels, leather shoes; They snug well without damaging your new shoes or slightly bigger size shoes.

These will catch your interest the most (Pros)

  • Cushions are so soft and comfortable!
  • The adhesive holds them firmly in the shoes.
  • You don’t have to worry about them falling off.
  • Great value for the price.
  • Much thicker
  • These sticks really well

These may be an issue for you (Cons)

  • Pads not thick enough

#7 Self-Adhesive Heel Inserts for Women&Men,Heel Protectors to Prevent Pain Blisters Calluses (2 Pairs)

These heel pads are designed to stick to the back of shoes, relieving previously unbearable discomfort. Inserts are also incredibly good for your foot health as they offer some valuable padding too. Heel grips can be applied to most types of shoes!

These will catch your interest the most (Pros)

  • They’re really soft.
  • Heel pads are soft and comfortable.
  • Very cushy and can be cut to fit.
  • Adhere very well to the shoes. 
  • It protects my heels from rubbing against the upper back of the shoes.
  • Neutral color does not stand out when wearing the shoes.

These may be an issue for you (Cons)

  • In some cases didn’t stick well 



At the end of this blog post, we hope you’re feeling confident that heel grips are a simple way to make your favorite shoes more comfortable. They can be slipped on and taken off in seconds, meaning they’re perfect for those times where you need them but don’t always want to wear them. So what’s stopping you from getting some now? Head over to our online store today and pick up a pack or two – we guarantee it’ll change your life!

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